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Description and characteristics of a series of tomato varieties Crimson miracle


Of all the varieties of tomatoes - delicious, sweet, fragrant, huge ripe berries - still The bright and beautiful raspberry tomato attracts the most attention. Maybe he unwittingly reminds us of our favorite berries, or it’s just the magic of color, but the hand itself reaches for these attractive, brightly colored tomatoes. In this review you will learn about the variety of tomato Raspberry jingle, the description and characteristics of which are presented below.

Wonderful series

Obviously, realizing the great nationwide love for raspberry (pink) tomatoes, breeders broke up and invented a multiseries collection of bright berry hybrids for Russian Gardens and called it the Crimson Miracle. The collection consists of 3 series (so far), each of which includes several varieties of tomatoes of excellent quality: Raspberry wine, Raspberry sunset, Raspberry paradise, Raspberry heart, Raspberry surprise, Raspberry joy, etc., all in all - 15 names.

It unites them all - bright crimson color and impeccable taste of fruits: fleshy, juicy, sugar flesh, delicate taste, delicate and, at the same time, rich aroma. All varieties are resistant to typical diseases, high-yielding, fruits are smooth, even, very large, transportable and very well stored.

However, each variety has its own distinctive features: terms of ripening, growing conditions, the shape and size of the fruit, resistance to certain diseases, the widest range of delicate taste shades.

Another advantageous distinctive feature is that all varieties of Miracle are perfectly adapted to the natural conditions of the Russian regions.

The generally accepted leader of the series Crimson Miracle

Tomato Raspberry jingle from the whole series of dark pink tomatoes is a recognized leader in many respects. This hybrid was bred by Russian breeders and in 2009 entered into the State Register. The tomato shows the best results in yield in the open ground of the southern regions of Russia, in Ukraine and Moldova. In central Russia, this hybrid with great success is grown in greenhouses or under film.

Tomato hybrid variety Raspberry Jingle

The high content of vitamins, micro and macronutrients, excellent taste, high and stable yields favorably distinguish it from the general series of tomatoes, and it enjoys the deserved love and preference of most gardeners.

Characteristics and description of tomato raspberry jingle

Crimson ringing F1 - a hybrid of the first generation. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, Hybrids usually have high levels of quality, but their seeds are barren. and every year you need to buy new ones from proven producers in order to be sure of the genetic purity of the seed.

Hybrid "MZ" F 1 is a pure determinant, its bushes develop to a certain stage, when the ovaries are formed, the bush is cleaned, stops growing and directs all forces to the development of fruits.

Bushes sredneroslye, from 50 to 100 cm in height, powerful, with a developed root system. It is best to form in 1-2 stems and be sure to tie up in order not to damage the plant under the weight of the fruit. The brushes of the ovaries are formed, starting with the sinus 5-6 leaves and with an interval of 2 leaves, in total up to 7 brushes, each with 5-7 fruits.

The small bush of tomato crimson jingle is capable of bringing a generous harvest.

Fruit even round shape, large, without green spots around the stem. The flesh is juicy, watermelon-sugar, aromatic, moderately dense, the color of a tomato that has reached technical maturity is saturated, thick pink.

Almost all tomatoes are about the same size, weight reaches 170 g (+/- 20g).

The peel of the fruit is tender, therefore Be careful when transporting. The integral, not damaged fruits are stored for a long time, without losing an attractive presentation. The main purpose of the hybrid - for seasonal fresh use, for salads.

Because of the large size of the fruit, it is not suitable for marinades, but it is excellent for flavored juice and ketchup.

Gestation period Tomatoes from the date of appearance of the first shoots to harvest - 110 days, but the first pink fruits appear already on 95-100 days, the variety is considered early ripening. You can collect immature fruits and dozarivat them.

Yield - 4-5kg from a bush that approximately makes 18-20 kg with sq.m.

The main stages of growing tomatoes

Tomatoes Raspberry jingle are grown by the seedling method in the usual way.

  • Soil preparation. You can buy ready-made soil for seedlings, or prepare a mixture of 1/2 of the earth, 1/2 of the humus / peat and add a little sand. Before sowing seeds, warm the soil to a temperature of 22-25 degrees, fill the container with it (wooden boxes, plastic containers or cups must have drainage holes).
Tomato Seeds Raspberry Jingle
  • Seed preparation. For confidence in the purity of the seed, it is better to buy seeds from reliable producers. Before sowing they need soak in potassium permanganate solution (cherry color) for 2-3 hours, then rinse with clean water and, without drying, embed in prepared soil to a depth of 2 cm according to the scheme 2x2 cm. Moisten the crop from above with warm water, cover with film or glass, and place in a warm, well-lit place. When the first shoots hatch, cover to remove.

When they appear on sprouts 2-3 true leaflets, spend diving and sprouting in a separate container. 10 days after transplanting the seedlings, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers is necessary. As required, water the seedlings with warm water.

Landing in the ground

In greenhouses or under film covers, seedlings are planted 60 days after the seedlings emerge, and in open ground one week later. Two weeks before that, they begin to temper her, bringing her out for a few hours (subject to warm, calm weather). In the ground seedlings are planted according to the scheme 50x70 cm.

Tomato seedlings are planted Crimson jingle at the age of about 60 days in the greenhouse, in the open ground - a week later

Plant care normal: watering, weeding, loosening the soil - as needed, feeding 2 times with a complex of minerals. Shrubs form in 1-2 stems, pasynkovaniya to carry out partially, be sure to tie up to vertical supports or trellis.

Disease prevention

The variety is considered to be very resistant to the main types of diseases, but, in any case, it is better not to wait for the first symptoms of plant damage, as this immediately slows down the development and negatively affects the yield. That is why it is better to carry out preventive spraying of tomatoes in advance microbiological preparations.

Spraying tomatoes should be carried out to prevent diseases


Fruitful works of Russian breeders gave the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of tastes of the most beloved vegetable culture - tomatoes. A bountiful harvest of fragrant, sweet fruits is a worthy reward for the hard work of the gardener.