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Description and characteristics of tomato varieties mystery of nature


Tomatoes take pride of place on our table. Every self-respecting summer resident grows them on his site. Only the choice of variety is sometimes in doubt. Now the tomato Riddle relating to the ultra-fast-growing is gaining popularity. Do not confuse this variety with the Enigma of Nature; these are completely different varieties. It is distinguished by the fact that it provides an excellent opportunity to get a great harvest in the shortest possible time. The description and characteristics of this variety are presented below.

Description and characteristics of tomato riddle

Riddle Tomato has a very powerful stem, which makes it possible not to tie it at all. The height of the bush is small (up to half a meter), the size is compact. It differs from similar varieties in precocity. The first fruits can be collected 85 days after planting.

Ultra early variety of tomatoes Mystery

The variety is very resistant to various kinds of diseases, gives very few stepsons, grows well in the shade. The fruits have a rounded shape with a slight ribbing near the stem. Their color is bright red, weight reaches 100 grams. In terms of yield, the variety gives average results. With one square meter bed you can get about 20 kilograms of crop.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Riddle has many more advantages than disadvantages. Among the advantages can be identified:

  • highly early ripening fruits;
  • excellent taste;
  • small bush;
  • gives little stepsons;
  • OK grows in partial shade;
  • fine preserves the presentation and quality during transportation;
  • unpretentiousness in the care;
  • fruit same size.
Riddle Tomatoes are ideal for salads, sauces, very good for whole-fruit pickling

Of the shortcomings practicing gardeners say only not very high yields. Otherwise, the early variety fully satisfies the demands of summer residents.

Features of soil preparation for planting seeds

Planting tomato seeds Riddle carried out in a standard way. Soil can be used as a purchase, and to prepare their own. Seeds start sowing from late March to mid-April. These dates depend on the climatic conditions of a particular region.

Since the Riddle belongs to the superearly varieties and the bush has a small size, they begin to prepare the soil for planting in the fall. During this period, organic fertilizers are applied to the garden, where it is planned to plant tomatoes in the future. It is best to use manure. In the spring, mineral fertilizers are added in this composition:

  • potassium sulfate;
  • superphosphate;
  • saltpeter.

Everything is mixed in approximately equal amounts, and then the resulting mixture is treated with soil.

How to choose the right seeds for planting?

Tomato Seeds Riddle

When choosing a planting material of tomatoes Riddle, you must first pay attention to the shelf life. If it comes to an end, then there is a high probability that germination will not be very good, it will be necessary to sow thicker.

Buying seeds is best in proven stores. So there will be a guarantee that you get exactly the variety that you want.

Seeds can be collected and independently. To do this, choose high-quality fruit without flaws and deformation. They are left to sing until they become soft. After that, cut and squeeze the seeds. Then they are dried and selected the largest, mature.

Sowing rules

Seeds start sowing in the last decade of March and finish in the middle of April. Sowing is carried out in pre-prepared and decontaminated soil. They are filled with containers for growing seedlings. In the ground make small grooves with a depth of about 1 centimeter. The distance between them should be 2-3 centimeters.

Sowing seeds for seedlings produced in the last decade of March

After all this, planting is covered with polyethylene or glass and put on a well-lit place until germination.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

To the open ground, seedlings of tomato variety Riddle are sent only after the threat of night frost has passed. If the night temperature is quite low, the plants may stop growing. That is why the planting is carried out in the period when the soil is already well warmed.

Transplantation is best done in the morning or evening. On one square have on 7-9 plants. The seedling should be 55 days old at the time of the pick. Tomatoes are covered with earth to the first leaf, and then they squeeze the earth around and water well.

Grade care after transplanting

Proper watering tomatoes

After transplanting tomatoes in open ground, take care of them as follows. Watering is carried out as the drying of the topsoil.

Water should not fall on the leaves, and also stagnate. Also periodically it is necessary to remove the side shoots.

A mandatory component of care for tomatoes is weeding and loosening the soil, as well as its mulching. Periodically, plants should be fed with mineral fertilizers. As a rule, two supplements are carried out during the season. The first - a couple of weeks after planting, and the second after the appearance of the first ripe brushes.

Diseases and their prevention

In view of the fact that the Riddle belongs to superearly varieties, she manages to give a harvest even before the main diseases of the tomatoes begin to progress. That is why the fight against diseases and pests is reduced to a minimum. The variety has a fairly high resistance to damage by major pathogens, but still some security measures are worth making.

For the prevention of late blight and other diseases, spraying tomatoes with Bordeaux mixture is carried out from the end of June - beginning of July

To prevent the spread of fungal diseases due to high humidity, effectively spray planting bordeaux mixture. She also protects against some insects seeking to eat young seedlings. The Riddle does not need other types of processing and gives a wonderful harvest without their participation.


Tomato Riddle every year attracts more and more attention. Compared to its competitors, its fruits ripen very early and allow harvesting long before the rest of the tomatoes ripen on the plot. Besides, the grade is unpretentious in leaving, demands the minimum quantity of processings from wreckers and diseases. Seedlings grow is also not difficult. Fruits are suitable both for fresh consumption, and for any kind of conservation, as well as tolerate transportation and do not lose their commercial quality. All these advantages make Riddle a leader among other early maturing varieties.